Monday, October 5, 2009

Chesterfield Berry Farm

Sooo scary.

Wahoo! It's that time of year. Fall, Halloween and Pumpkins! This weekend was absolutely beautiful. Warm sun, crisp air and a perfect time for a visit to the local pumpkin farm. Ellie, Emma, Emma's friend Allie and myself enjoyed several hours at the Chesterfield Berry Farm. A fun tradition we have enjoyed every year. Last year we were in Memphis and Ellie's counts were low. I recall talking to the girls in the medicine room, behind our curtain, while Ellie received a transfusion that I was thinking of taking them to a big pumpkin place in Mississippi that I had read up on. It was a huge place and the buzz was so good about it. One of the nurses overheard our plans and quickly snapped back the curtain to advise us that going to the pumpkin farm with all the other people was not the best idea even if Ellie did have a mask on for protection. She said it was my call but she didn't think it was the wisest thing to do. Of course, being in the 'everything happens for a reason mode' I thought...hmmm.. she overheard us for a reason, I better not take the chance of bringing Ellie out around so many people. So, instead we stopped at the local supermarket and took photos with their pumpkin display. It wasn't the same but in the defense of the supermarket, they did have a huge blowup pumpkin that Ellie enjoyed. So, this year, we were free and clear to head back to our favorite fall spot for a hayride, corn maze, paintball shooting, pumpkin playing, haunted house and farm animals. It was just like we remembered only better!

We all enjoyed the afternoon and after watching the Martha Stewart Halloween episode yesterday we are armed with good ideas and inspiration. Ellie has decided that she is going to dress up as a butterfly and Emma is going to be a glam rocker girl...or something like that. Here are the photos from our day...

All smiles as we await the bumpy hay ride down to the pumpkin patch

my favorite... mini pumpkins!

Sweet Ellie
sweet ellie enjoying the bounce house

go piggies go
this was so adorable. pig races! they were on fire those little piglets

the girls had such a good time playing in the giganto bucket of corn

I've got my eye on you
something has happened to ellie's eye... oh no!