Sunday, October 18, 2009

The best kind of Sunday

This morning I slept in until 9:30. aaahhhh... It was wonderful. When I awoke, I cleaned all three bathrooms upstairs and had instructed Emma to give her room a really good cleaning as well. I then went in and tackled Ellie's room... tackle may be too strong of a word. Ellie is like me. She keeps things in their respective places and doesn't let clutter build up. So her room is relatively neat all the time but she does have a lot of 'stuff' so some organizing was in order. Emma's room is now super clean which is great because unfortunately she is not like Ellie and me. She has inherited the slob gene from someone and most times I don't even like to go into her room because it makes me crazy! I have, in the past, found food in her drawer and dirty socks under her bed.

It's such a wonderful and empowering feeling to have a clean house. I always feel like I have accomplished so much after it's done. So after all the cleaning and lunch I sat down in my office and surfed new blogs for about 2 hours. With little to no interruptions. It was heavenly. Ellie was watching Beethoven, (the movie with the big st. Bernard dog) and Emma was in her room, probably sticking her dirty socks back under the bed and Steve was taking the dog for a walk. I think today was so nice because it was so cold outside and it felt like a winter day. It was wonderful to be inside all warm and toasty curled up at the computer peeking into people's lives. I found a new artist blog that was very inspirational. Today topped off a great weekend and tomorrow it is back to work and school. The weather is suppose to go back to normal too which means days in the 60s and 70s. Goodbye early winter I enjoyed your little visit but it's time to go away for a few more weeks.

I am leaving you with my favorite photo of the week. Emma and Ellie blowing out the candles on Emma's birthday cake.

One two three....