Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yard Sales, Friends and Halloween Goodies

This weekend we hosted my girlfriend Laurel and her husband Tony and we participated in a yard sale. The yard sale was not as much fun as the company of course but it did prompt Steve and I to organize and clean out one of our storage closets. We took a fun nostalgic trip down memory lane by sorting through the girls old clothing. There were many outfits that I couldn't bear to place in the yard sale pile. If I could recall a happy memory with that outfit on, it stayed in the trunk and it will be passed on down to the girls when they have their own children. It'll be nice to tell them about the memory I have associated with that outfit. I probably should write it down though because by the time I become a grandma, I may just forget about it. We were able to make about $100.00 and unload some stuff that would have either wound up at Goodwill or the local landfill.

Ellie was also working the yardsale crowd. We set up a St. Jude table and informed people about the St. Jude Thanks and Giving walk that is taking place locally at the end of November and asked for donations for her team. One local man was very moved by Ellie and her story. He is living with prostrate cancer and knows what it is like to have cancer in your life. He gave her a big donation and I know it made him happy to have met Ellie. It rained on and off all morning so we had to move everything into the garage so I really think that was why we weren't as successful and I was hoping to be. Oh well, there is always the spring neighborhood yard sale.

The best part of the weekend was hanging out with Laurel and Tony. Laurel and I have known each other for years. She is such a good friend and has such a funny sense of humor. Tony is fabulous with my kids. He gets down to their level and acts just like them, he's really just a big kid. Emma and Ellie always jump for joy when they know Tony is coming for a visit. Another talent he has mastered, other than kid wrangler, is gourmet chef. Tony is really wonderful at whipping up whatever it is you have a hankering for. Today he made us breakfast and it was just wonderful. They headed home today after their week long vacation in Kentucky but I am so glad they came home via way of Virginia for a visit.

While we were organizing for the yard sale, I came across my Halloween decorations. So even though I am a few days early, I have started to decorate. I usually do this the first week of October so I am not too far ahead and the girls love the spookiness of it all anyway. Here are some photos.

This pumpkin glows red and is super at night. I really love the whimsical nature of the pumpkin man too.

More Williraye
I collect Williraye folkart and these three are some of my favorite pieces. I love that they are trick or treating. There is also a jam jar full of candy corn a Halloween must have.

Little touch of Halloween in the living room. I will add glowing eyes to the window as we get closer to Halloween night.

Kitchen pumpkin
This pumpkin keeps the kitchen in the Halloween spirit

This is my first placemat that I produced!
The wide format printer has arrived and I gave Ellie the honors to pick whatever design she wanted. She chose this cute ghost. Totally fits in with my Halloween theme today.