Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random bits of stuff...

Greetings on this first day of Fall. Can you believe it? Summer 2009 is nothing but a mere recollection now. It was a fantabulous summer with lots of good times and memories but like always, it seems to zip by much too quickly. Oh sure, I like that the kids are back in school and there are lots of fun holidays just around the corner but January and February are also on the horizon and these are my two least favorite months. I end up feeling like Jack Nicholson in 'The Shining' come the middle of February. The cabin fever and itching for spring weather leaves me looking for any kind of fix. Perhaps we will need to plan a Caribbean getaway this February instead of our usual spring break in late March. Maybe looking forward to a little sun in the dreary month of February will get me through on those days that are dark and cold and dare I say depressing. Doesn't it sound like I live in Chicago or Maine or some place really snowy with freezing temperatures? Virginia is actually pretty mild during the winter compared to what I grew up with so I guess I shouldn't complain. Alas, February is coming and there is nothing I can do, it's just one season away.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the pop of color that the leaves offer, the crunchy echo when I walk in the woods; the smell of a fire pit that transforms me right back to being 10 years old; the fun of picking out Halloween costumes and decorating the house in orange, brown and dark reddish hues; the crisp cool air that will fill my lungs when Steve and I go for our walk; the fun of going to local farms for apple picking, corn mazes, wagon rides and hot cider; all of these traditions of fall I am looking forward to. I guess I have to admit I am glad it is here. Goodbye Summer, I will miss you and will be eagerly awaiting your return.

In other random news, I am very busy with work. This is great since I enjoy what I do and I am happy that the new designs are being well received. Yesterday Script and Scribble released the melamine plates that I designed over the summer and today a slew of plate orders came in. I am still designing birthday invitations and new holiday designs so the fun of designing is still a happening thing.

hmmm... what else is going on...Ellie and I had an interview with Richmond magazine this afternoon. We talked about Ellie's journey and our connection and dedication to raising awareness for St. Jude and pediatric cancer. The article will be out in November and will tie in nicely with the Richmond Thanks and Giving walk for St. Jude. During the interview we gave all of the glory to God and the reporter was very moved about so many of the divine occurrences that we have experienced. I hope that she will have the courage to keep that tone in her article. I have found that the mainstream media seems to omit much of the religious glorification when they report these stories. Just something that we have to keep talking about and eventually it will be heard.

Right before our interview today, I received a call from St. Jude about doing another interview this Thursday. The interview today was not orchestrated by St. Jude. The editor heard of Ellie's story and wanted to feature a story about a local cancer survivor. The interview on Thursday has more of a St. Jude slant and is with InStyle magazine or Life and Style magazine but I forgot which one she said. The editor saw the recent piece on Access Hollywood with Jennifer Aniston and Ellie and wanted to do a story on her. I love that Ellie is still being remembered and asked to participate. During chemo last year it was a great distraction to see Ellie in magazines and on tv. It certainly helped get us through some of the tougher days. After the Access Hollywood show aired last week we heard from several people that did not know Ellie prior to this that they were very moved by her story and in a world where all you hear about is cancer deaths, she was inspiring. That makes all of this worthwhile. It's another blessing that Ellie is able to bring hope to those parents and kids that are going through their cancer journey that they too can come through it and be better for it in the end. It's all about finding the good.

I just noticed that there are a lot of words up there and sadly there are no pretty pictures. So unlike me to do that to you. So...here are some extremely adorable little owls that I found on this cute
website. I believe I actually squealed when I saw them. I defintely have to go and buy one hundred of these.

don't you just love the colors... I so ♥ them!

look at the little heart on the big owl. sigh...

owl nerd
the bird nerd owl

owl pirate
there's even a pirate owl... arrrr....