Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to school!

Ready for school

We are ready for school on Tuesday!! Today we brought in all of Ellie's school supplies and met her new first grade teacher, Mrs. Thornton. She is soooo warm fuzzy and she is so excited to have Ellie in her class. She's been keeping up with Ellie's website and I have a wonderful feeling that this will be a great school year. As we looked around the classroom we spotted several of Ellie's friends in her class. She is so thrilled about that. It makes things much easier to have friends going in. Ellie makes friends with everyone anyway but she really likes these two girls so I am so happy that they are all together. As we entered the school I was reminded that Ellie is a little celebrity. She had so many kids and adults coming up to say hi and give hugs. People I don't know. It makes me feel so good to know that this community has embraced Ellie and her journey and has supported her the way they have. Such a wonderful feeling.

Ellie's new teacher
This is Ellie's new teacher. Doesn't she just scream warm fuzzy?

Emma is all set with her school stuff too. Steve brought the girls to the middle school this morning and got everything settled into Emma's locker. No photos to share since Dad was in charge of that outing. Emma is excited about school too. She missed out on the first day fun last year since we were in Memphis so I am beyond happy that she is getting to experience it all on Tuesday. I cannot believe she is already in 7th grade and going in with mascara on her lashes to boot. She turns 13 in October and we promised she could wear some light makeup in 7th grade. Turning 40 and having a daughter that wears makeup - what is happening here??

This holiday weekend will be a busy one. Tomorrow I head up for a dear friends, father's funeral in Northern Virginia. Her dad had suffered for a few months with cancer and I know it is a blessing for the family that he is out of pain and free now. I recall the day like yesterday that my father passed and it doesn't matter how it happens, it is hard. A void that can never be filled. On Sunday we have a wedding to go to. It's the girls first wedding and they are super excited to go. Thankfully it's local so we don't have to travel too far. So two very different occasions to attend but I am grateful to be here to offer love and support on both fronts. Hopefully Monday we can have a cook-out or get one last swim in at the pool. To everyone reading - have a fun and safe end to summer.