Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Girl Ellie

Birthday Girl Ellie!

Ellie celebrated her 7th birthday this Saturday! We headed down to Myrtle Beach to visit with grandma and grandpa for the weekend and celebrate our sweet girl's day. Ellie's grandparents planned a very fun party for her and many of their friends were in attendance. It was wonderful to personally thank all those that prayed for her full recovery and who now send monthly donations to St. Jude in her honor. Ellie will be having a party in about 2 weeks with all her little friends here at home. She is over the moon about having two parties and today she was so excited because they were going to mention her birthday with the morning announcements at school. It's the little things that make her happy.

I have been working on a letter to Ellie about her being 7. I started the tradition last year for both Emma and Ellie and when I finish with it, I will probably post most of it here. I always want them to know how special they are and how much they are loved.

So we had a quick visit in South Carolina but lots of fun was had and today the girls are off to school and Steve off to work. Another busy week is on the horizon for us. Tomorrow Ellie will be interviewed by Richmond Magazine which is a local publication and Wednesday we are speaking on behalf of St Jude and the Thanks and Giving walk at a local restaurant. We have friends coming to stay with us this weekend and our neighborhood is having a yard sale on Saturday and we have soooo much stuff to unload that we just have to participate. I have turned over the majority of the yard sale task to Steve so I have fingers crossed that everything will be organized and good to go come the crack of dawn Saturday....because I do believe that is when the hardcore yard salers start showing up. It will also be a busy week for me workwise which I love. I am so grateful to be back home this fall and back into a routine. Just knowing that the girls are at school and that they are healthy, happy and full of God's love makes my heart sing.