Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Fever

Not too much excitement going on this week - just catching up from my few days away and getting back into the school routine with the girls. Back to work, back to school and back to reality. I love being on a schedule and it feels good to be back to it.

It seems I have come down with a bad case of Spring Fever... (I wonder if it's an infection from when I almost amputed my finger last week!) I am finding it hard to focus on work and the warm weather and birds are just begging me to come outside. They are taunting me and I am having to try my hardest to ignore them. As you can tell, I am very eager to get outside, to get in the backyard and start planting flowers. Unfortunately, there is so much to do before I can start popping plants into the ground. Trimming, weeding and planning need to get done first. Normally I will commit to doing my containter plantings first before any hardcore gardening just in case we have a spell of cold temperatures. It's much easier to move containers into the garage and covering plants outside is not fun when they cannot be moved. By this time of year I usually have about 10 pots filled but I am off to a late start this year. I just haven't had an opportunity to head to the nursery to wander the aisles and design my containers. I am hoping to do just that on Saturday afternoon. Yee! Cannot wait!

Here is a photo from my girls night out weekend and a few more photos from around the yard. Hopefully my spring fever will break and I will feel better when I can be outside this weekend.

We have eggs
Five little Blue Bird eggs adorn our new nest! Precious!

The power of ants
I have 4 Peonie Bushes that I planted about 4 years ago. The first year I noticed all these ants on the flower heads before they bloomed. I, of course, was grossed out and flicked all the ants off. They kept coming back. Little did I know that there is an old wives tale that states the ants help the peonie bloom by eating all the sweet sap on the outside of the bloom and releasing the flower. It may be true or not but either way I don't flick them off anymore. Sorry little ants.

Bumble Bees are out and buzzing about. Love them!

Glamour Girls
These two are out and buzzing around too. Here are my girls soaking up the sun over spring break.

Girls Weekend
Girls Night Out! The gang from high school. Love them!