Sunday, April 18, 2010

Party in the Attic

Ellie invited me up to the attic last night for a 'fashion show'. Our attic is basically a huge playroom. Emma has her sights on it for her future bedroom someday (a la Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch I believe). It's cozy with wall to wall carpeting and a finished full bath. There are two couches and one of those couches pulls out to a bed for sleepovers. There is a large TV and surround sound and lots and lots and lots of toys. Did I mention there were toys?!

I manage to make my way up to the attic about three times a year. I tend not to go up there because I have OCD and the mess drives me crazy and I want to put all of it away in some organized form. I have to remind myself that this is Ellie and Emma (and sometimes Steve's) spot to play, relax and not worry about the mess. Amazingly for the most part it stays relatively clean. Steve and Emma are in charge of bathroom duty and according to reports from Ellie it is clean too. So, last night Ellie came down with an invite to go up and hang out and learn about her animals and their fashion choices. Of course, I couldn't say no.

She had all her stuffed animals outfitted and ready to perform. While up there, I took photos from various places in the attic to remind me of how much fun they have up there. Emma was off at friends house for the night and doesn't go up in the attic too much anymore unless she is playing with Ellie. Ellie is up there all the time. She takes Phoebe and Kanye and turns on the tunes and will play for hours. She is so happy and content.
All of her stuffed animals, mostly Build-a-Bears, were sitting on the ottoman waiting for the show to begin.

Ellie held up each one, shared their name, their special abilities and why she loves them.

Her babies were lovingly tucked into their crib in one corner of the room.

Ellie's Toes
Couldn't resist a shot of her striped PJ bottoms and pretty pink toes.

Isn't he cute... little stuffed animals everywhere (cat hair and all)

Music is a part of who Ellie is. She loves to dance, sing and express herself. Tonight for the fashion show we listened to one of Emma's old Hillary Duff CDs.

Still loves to play with all her American Girl Dolls.

So love her... she makes me happy