Monday, April 12, 2010

Not quite the Hangover - but fun!

Back from a fun few days in Connecticut. I wish I had photos to share at this point but I don't. I did of course bring my camera and I do have a few photos that I took but I haven't edited them yet. I was mainly going up north to see some high school girlfriends for a girls night at the Mohegan Sun casino. Once the alcohol started to flow, the camera was not an option for me. Photos were taken by my friend Carol so once I have those and depending on what they look like, I may share them. They may have to be burned and forever destroyed - I will just have to wait and see what she captured. (wink wink)

So... the weekend was fabulous. I drove up on Thursday and stayed with my girlfriend Laurel and her husband Tony. We had a great day on Friday. We picked up our girlfriend MaryAnn and went shopping up in Massachusetts. So love New England and all its quaintness. We had a great lunch, fabulous shopping and makeovers and even fit in a movie. Two thumbs up for Date Night... Steve Carrell and Tina Fey were so funny! Saturday I made my way to the casino to see seven girlfriends that I grew up with. I hadn't seen many of them in years. We have done a relatively good job with keeping in touch via email and Facebook over the years but living out of state means I miss a lot of opportunities to get together. When they suggested this one, I didn't want to say no and two other girlfriends were coming from out of state too so I really wanted to join in. It was much much better than I thought it would be and we shared so many great memories and boy I forgot how these girls can make me laugh. I made it back home late last night instead of staying until Monday which was in my original plans. Three reasons for coming home a day early.

One, I cut my finger on my razor blade in my makeup bag on Sunday morning.. loudly can you say ouch! A rather large chunk of finger flesh was lost and it bled for a long time. I didn't need a stitch but it was close. The thought of hauling around my tripod in the woods to do some birding later that afternoon wasn't sounding too good to me at that point. I was so looking forward to that too. It was a major bummer for me.

Second, I was super tired from our wild and crazy, sleep deprived night...Going home to my own bed sounded like a really good idea even if it was 8.5 hours away.

Lastly, I have been really busy workwise and missing Thursday and Friday set me back...throw in a missed Monday too and I would have been stressed. I hate to be stressed. So I arrived home last night. Wish it was a longer trip but I had a blast! The girls had fun with Steve while I was gone and enjoyed the second half of their Spring Break.

I'll let you know about those photos... ;)