Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break!

So loving the beautiful weather we have been having... Spring just bubbles up all the goodness in your soul. I have enjoyed watching the bluebirds build their nest in one of our houses, the perennials coming to life, the trees budding out and the general happy mood that settles upon everyone this time of year.

This is the first Spring Break in years that we have not gone on vacation...partly my fault. I made plans months ago with some high school friends to get together over this coming weekend, then I made other plans with some other girlfriends to go up a few days early for some shopping. I am leaving tomorrow for 5 days and that left our Spring Break week too broken up to really plan a good vacation. The girls have forgiven me...I think. It hasn't been a loss for them though. Emma has been staying busy with friends and going to the movies, plus she got some new clothes from Hollister and a new Wii game she has been loving. Ellie went shopping with me and yesterday we went to the local zoo to meet up with a brand new friend named Reese. Reese lives about 45 minutes from us and had brain cancer too. She was the first patient at MCV (local hospital where Ellie had her two brain surgeries) to go through the St. Jude protocol that Ellie had in Memphis. It is a very successful clinical but they did not offer it when we needed them to at MCV. Anyway- Reese's parents were following Ellie's story closely as Reese is about a year behind us with her treatment. They are a great family and we had a good time getting the girls together at the zoo yesterday. They have a lot in common being seven and cancer survivors. So inspirational and heart warming!

On top of all that, I have been very busy with work. Lots of orders to process and today will be very busy in order to get the majority of it done before I head out tomorrow morning. That's life... busy but wonderful.

Here's a slice of spring from my part of the world

Ready to play
Tucker is always ready with a ball in his mouth. Oh how this dog loves to play ball.
Loving all the green behind him

5 lined skink
It's definitely Spring... the 5 Lined Skinks have resurfaced from deep inside our rock wall. Not a good photo but these little buggers are quick and I had the short lens on the camera.

Pine Cones
When I return it will be time to do all my container plantings. The pinecones will fill the bottom of the planters. Cannot wait!

Lambs Ear
The Lambs Ear is spreading and growing niceley. That Yarrow next to it... I have to dig a lot of it up. It is so invasive and just spreads everywhere.

Waiting for Eggs
The Bluebirds made this nest last week. Just waiting for the eggs now.

New Life
We have 3 big River Birch in the side yard... their leaves have come out. I love how detailed, intricate and perfect the formation of the leaves are. God's creations never cease to amaze me