Sunday, April 25, 2010

The last few days in photos

It's been a busy few days... loving the spring weather and busy with work plus Ellie celebrated two years of being diagnosed with cancer. We are so proud of her. We know she will continue to beat the odds and be a survivor!! Here are some random photos that I managed to snag over the last few days.
. Butterfly Ellie
Ellie had her face painted at the annual ASK 5K which benefits pediatric cancer at MCV hospital where Ellie had her surgeries

The amazing....
We met up with Dr. Gary Tye who was the amazing neurosurgeon that took away most of Ellie's brain tumor back in April '08. It was great to see him.

Beautiful, green trees... love this view of them.

who doesn't love the ice cream man? Me, that who!! This guy comes in the neighborhood everyday blasting his ice cream music and driving 2 miles an hour. His van slightly grosses me out so we never buy from him... also... don't think he can read the NO SOLICITING sign at the beginning of our neighborhood. I sound like a crotchety old lady but this guy just bugs me.

This is our neighbor's dog, Jake. Isn't he cute? He does like to bark a little too much but he is starting to grow on me.

Jake and Ellie
Ellie and our other friend Jake. He's grown on me so much more than the canine Jake. Jake was the first person I ever knew to have brain cancer. He lives in our neighborhood and that was almost 10 years ago. He is a true inspiration to us and is now a freshman at Virginia Tech. Go Jake!!