Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On the road again....

I realized the other day that I have not been home (in my house at my home address) on Mother's Day in 3 years and this year will be no different. Let's see... on Mother's Day 2007 I was stranded overnight at the Dallas airport because of bad weather. I spent the night with girlfriends having fun so it was OK. In 2008 I spent the night in the step down intensive care unit with Ellie. My girlfriend Diana (who happened to be with me in Dallas too) was with me on this night as well. It was a crazy night and probably the worst night for Ellie throughout our journey. She had newly restictched, extremely tight stitches on her head and a lumbar drain in her back. She had been in the hospital for 3 weeks and she was beyond done. Last year for Mother's Day I was at LeBonheur hospital in Memphis. Ellie had just had her third brain surgery and we had witnessed a miracle. It was a very blessed Mother's Day. This year I will be back in Memphis at St. Jude getting ready for Ellie's 3 month check-up. I am beginning to see a trend here... As long as both my girls are healthy and happy I do not care where I am.

Yesterday afternoon Ellie came running in all excited because she had found a four leaf clover! She certainly is annointed with happiness my little girl. I love that carefree shine she has. Not to be outdone in the Irish folklore of luck arena - Emma had witnessed a beautiful rainbow over the lake on her way home from field hockey practice. Hoping this is just some good foretelling for our upcoming scans for Ellie.

Tomorrow Steve and I are sneaking off for 2 days of R&R on the outershore of Virginia. We will be in Chincoteauge Island. A place I love to visit because of the vast amount of nature. There is something amazing to see everywhere you look. It will be good to take a breather for just the two of us.

Here are more random photos... Good Luck Girl!
This is Ellie's 4 leaf clover!

A postcard from Ellie's principal that we received in the mail last week.

This publication came out around Valentine's Day and was sent to St. Jude supporters. That's Ellie and her main man, Dr. Bikhazi. Love, love, love him!