Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garden Center visit

The fever has broken! Spring fever that is. Yesterday I finally made it over to one of our local (extremely overpriced) garden nurseries. I say they are overpriced because they are but they do have high quality plants and a really great variety to choose from. I know the plants I purchase from them will grow and flourish all summer long. With a place like Lowes you are limited with variety and sometimes the plant quality is compromised too... the prices though are more affordable. Anyhoo- this garden center is wonderful and there is a ton of inspiration around every corner and that is something I really appreciate and need so overpriced or not, it's one of my favorite places to go. My absolute favorite place is about 20 miles away and kind of out of the way so I have to make a special trip to go and yesterday time was not on my side. I was really just getting my feet wet yesterday and only purchased about 10 round pots of annuals for some container planting. I now have 5 container plants potted up. It's a good start. I usually have about 15 or so by the time I am finished. So love this time of year.

Yesterday, I bought my favorite lemon Lantana. The hummingbirds love these plants and they grow so big and full. I also bought some daisies, coleus, million bells, angelina, white snowstorm (or was it called snowflakes - they are trailing small white flowers), alysum, blue salvia and a few others I cannot think of.

Just look at all these trays and trays of annuals. Love all that coleus on the last few trays. Think anyone would notice if I pushed this right out the door?

I admit that I am not a big fan of Marigolds but all those rows of bright oranges and yellows was so pretty in the spring sun that I had to take a photo.

This garden center has a ton of garden art. Did I mention overpriced earlier...$55.00 for these beauties! Regardless, I love these frogs, pigs and birds that seem to be flying through the air.

One of my newly planted containers. In a few weeks it will be lush and full.