Friday, March 5, 2010


Yesterday I had a jillion errands to do and today I got to bask in all the goodness of my many chores. First the Cat in the Hat costume was a success. Ellie looked super cute for her Dr. Suess parade this morning. Her costume took little to no effort on my part (yea for that) however I totally forgot about the big red bow tie and failed to make one...but other than that snafu she looked splendid. All of the first graders were precious and so very creative.

Steve returned home early this afternoon from Tennessee and picked up my newly fixed and working laser printer from the shop. Now I have three workhorse printers and...and... the best part... the price to fix it was $55 less than what I thought and $375.00 less than what HP originally quoted me for repair. So love keeping money in my pocket for a change.

We picked up all of Ellie's Girl Scout cookies yesterday and we are hoping to have the majority of them delivered this weekend. I enjoyed 2 Samoa cookies this afternoon - my absolute favorite Girl Scout cookie.

I did go to Hollister for Emma yesterday but as I suspected, no going out of business or moving sale. Turns out she had the location wrong and I was to go to the one on the other side of town. I decided not to buy anything for her since there was no super sale and at the normal Hollister prices, I wasn't going to guess what shirts and hoodies she may be want because guess who would be schlepping back to Hollister for an exchange... me that's who. Really don't think she needs another Hollister sweatshirt or shirt anyway... she has quite the collection as it is.

I loved the episode of The Office last night - Dwight just cracks me up. Sadly I fell asleep during the Marriage Ref so I will have to watch the rest online. I did watch my recorded episode of Project Runway while preparing dinner tonight and it was fabulous. The garbage bag outfit was incredible and I thought Myla was going to explode when she wasn't proclaimed the winner. I also whole heartedly agreed with America's decision last night to send home those four from American Idol. They were the ones that needed to go. Keeping hopeful the talent will improve but I am not holding my breath.

Last bit of coolness from today is that I partnered with an up and coming online company that is going to have a really great promotion for Tickle Bellies in April. I am also releasing my new plate and placemat designs this weekend on the site. Woo Hoo!

Me and my girl
My sweet little Cat in the Hat :)

Cat in the Hat
Ellie, Cat in the Hat or Flavor Flav??

Dr. Suess characters!
Ellie's class all assembled in their Dr. Suess finest.

Inventory time
Kanye is in charge of Girl Scout cookie inventory