Sunday, March 14, 2010

and so another week ends...

This week went by all too quickly. We experienced wonderful spring weather and I was able to take a nature walk to the lake. I sat by the beaver pond (which does in fact have a resident beaver or two)and enjoyed the slow awakening of life that this time of year brings. As I skimmed the surfaces for life, I heard a Pileated Woodpecker call and several Red Winged Black birds singing to one another. A Ruby Crowned Kinglet flitted right over my head and danced on the branches above me. Too close and too fast for any decent photo. A four pack of the ever present Canada Geese were swimming by not caring a bit how close I was to them and in the distance a Merganser couple flew off into the late morning sun. There were also two Great Blue Herons by the waters edge but as I made my way through the brush they also flew away. Sometimes Herons will let you get close but most times they will look cross eyed at you, honk loudly and fly off in a totally disgusted manner. They're charming that way. The turtles were also out sunning and plunking into the water as I got closer. I usually hear them sinking back into the water before I ever see them. They also must be annoyed with me since the fight over sun exposure on logs is at a premium. If I were a turtle, I wouldn't leave unless someone was in the water and about to grab me. It was great to spend a few hours soaking it all in. So love this time of year and I haven't even seen any frogs yet!

Eastern Painted Turtle
Eastern Painted Turtle waiting for me to leave so he can reclaim his spot on the log.

Swans at the Lake
Beautiful Swan couple on the other end of the lake way far off from me.

Back at home I did see Bluebirds and Chickadees inspecting both of our nesting boxes. We have been fortunate to raise several broods last season so I am keeping my fingers crossed for some nest building to take place soon.

This week I also launched our new line of melamine plates and laminated placemats for Tickle Bellies. Reviews have been wonderful and so far the sales have been off to a great start. Releasing new items is always fun and invigorating for me. I am also doing a logo design for a past customer. I created her logo years ago and now due to a name change she needs a new look to go with the new name. I made a choice a few years ago not to do any logo or custom work because I was getting too many offers and couldn't handle both things well but I couldn't say no to her when she inquired a few weeks ago. I must say it's kind of exciting to be doing custom work again.

Over 20 new plates and placemats debuted! Woo Hoo!

Today the weather is going to be off and on with rain so the girls and I are going out shopping for Spring/Summer clothes. Emma has grown so much this year that very little fits her from last season. Ellie's summer wardrobe needs some spicing up too. Wish me luck.