Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh what the fresh air can do...

OK I am back to my happy place after yesterday's rant. After watching the happenings in our country and dealing with the build up of pressure and disappointment the world can sometimes bring I find it necessary to go and unplug for awhile. Today Steve and I took a drive over to one of our local parks and went for a walk. Rockwood Park is only 15 minutes away and has a really cool educational nature center and many trails to explore. You can take a paved trail or be more adventurous and take the gravel ones that are less traveled. We decided on both.

The sun was shining and we were able to just walk and talk and like I said, unplug from the madness. Recharging and getting outside is so important for your mental health; we both needed it. As we walked we spotted a Northern Flicker and a Hermit Thrush. I successfully snapped a photo of the Thrush but the Flicker was just too quick for me. I was also standing in mud when I spotted him so I was distracted by my muddy sneakers...(I am not a fan of mud you know!) We also saw several turtles and I had my first butterfly sighting of the season. Now that's my type of therapy!

Hermit Thrush
beautiful Hermit Thrush

Mr. Man checking out the scene

Rockwood Park
One of the paved trails at Rockwood State Park