Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last weekend in March

Another weekend is wrapping up. Steve was up in New England visiting with friends so the latter half of my week was busier than normal for me. Field hockey practice, errands, carpooling to the Friday night dance, grocery shopping and work made for a busy Thursday and Friday. Steve came home Saturday night but he did miss seeing Emma's field hockey team win two games in a row on Saturday morning. Emma played pretty well... she still has to continue her commitment on following through with the dribbling and taking the ball all the way. She is enjoying her team and teammates so much this year and I know she is having a good time and more importantly getting better at the sport.

After the victories on the field the girls and I went to see 'How to Train a Dragon'. It was in 3D. The fascination with all the run of 3D movies over the last 2 years is interesting. Sadly, I am not a huge fan of this technology... it's OK and some effects are cool but I think I rather not see the 3D version. The girls were just psyched to have the glasses and we did not turn them in at the movie's end.... yep, I let them keep them. When I pay $33.25 for the three of us to see a matinee movie, I think we own those glasses... some complimentary popcorn would be nice too but I won't hold my breath. Oh, the movie, 2 thumbs up. It was wonderfully cute and the dragon, Toothless, he reminded all of us of Kanye.

Today has been super low key. I slept in until 9am. Sundays are the only days I can do this and I usually decide against it but today was not one of those days. As a rule I think sleep is a waste of time and not to be overdone but this morning was a different story and sleeping in felt good. We did not go to church this morning because of our late start but when I did get up I vacuumed, cleaned the hardwood floors, did laundry, watched Angels and Demons, and had a lovely breakfast. The girls have been playing together all day so it has been rather quiet. Steve and I did some yard work and now it looks as if the rain is ready to come. For the next 2 hours I am going to chill out, listen to Imogen Heap's sweet voice, catch up on some of my favorite blogs, drink this oh so tasty margarita and let Steve make dinner... sounds like a fabulous way to end the weekend.

Photos from our weekend

Hello? Working!
What is it with cats? Kanye loves to plop himself down right on top of my paperwork when I am working. He is lucky I adore him.

Hydrangea... so love them. They remind me of summers in New England.
They certainly are cheering me and the kitchen up.

The Kiwis
Emma's field hockey team. They all love Ellie and wanted to hang out with her. She felt so special.

Amy, Kiersten and Emmy
Emma and her friends.

Field Hockey Action
Action shot... Emma is in back by the goal.

Cool Girls
The girls sport their new 3D glasses after our showing of 'How to Train a Dragon'. They are standing next to the Marmaduke movie prop... this one isn't in 3D! Thank Goodness!

How cute is this little gnome?! Cannot wait to plop him in between the Coneflower or Verbena. He was only $7.00 at Lowes.

First frozen margarita of the season... I think Steve was a little too generous with the tequlia... this baby is strong.