Thursday, March 4, 2010

I don't want to be a worker bee

How doth the little busy bee
Improve each shining hour,
And gather honey all the day
From every opening flower!

~from the poem Against Idleness And Mischief
by Isaac Watts

I feel like that busy bee...especially today. Lots of errands to accomplish this morning. I, like everyone else, generally like to be busy but I like to be busy at home on my own turf. Busy with work, laundry, cleaning, gardening - that sort of thing. But today I have to schlep all over town going here and there, up and down, near and far, east and west. First thing to do after dropping Ellie off at school is to track down materials for a Cat in Hat costume. (Now you get the Dr. Suess reference). The first grade is celebrating the birth of Dr. Suess this week and tomorrow there is a big Dr. Suess parade. Ellie's first character choice was the Cat in the Hat so off I go looking for whatever materials will bring that to life. I have 'Thing 1' as a back-up since that costume is super easy to pull together. I then have to go drop off ink to the guys that are fixing my beloved laser printer. I already bought a replacement printer to replace the ailing one but I am so loyal to this one that I couldn't just recycle it to the land of lost printers. After that on the list is grocery shopping followed by a quick run through Hollister for Emma. Word on the street is that Hollister is closing and there is a huge ginormous sale. This is all from Emma and friends so I am sure I will walk in there and they will not be closing and there will be no deep discount sale. I 'pinky promised' so I have to check it out. When will I learn not to 'pinky promise'.

I then have to get home for a conference call and process the orders that have to get out today. I also have to remind myself to let Mr. Jangles out (the cute little mouse that gets himself stuck in the bird food bucket) and take Tucker for a walk. Then Emma will be home, we will pick up Ellie, go and pick up the hundred or so boxes of Girl Scout cookies that she sold, go get dinner and come home for homework. Steve is in Nashville for work so that is why he is MIA in this post and I sound like an overworked single mother.

I am looking forward to unplugging and channeling my inner Queen Bee tonight as I settle in to watch the Office (the baby is coming!) and the new Jerry Seinfeld show 'Marriage Ref'. I happened to watch the first episode of this last week and thought it was so clever. I do love Alec Baldwin and he was a guest so maybe that is why I love love loved it. I do have to first watch American Idol with the girls to see who gets the boot. Personally, I think this is the worst season I have watched. Really only one or two that I can tolerate. By the way, I still haven't cracked open any of those books I was talking about in an earlier post... The wonders of TV still have me sucked in. Will I ever escape? ooo...and I almost forgot.... season ending to the Houswives of Orange County. This is getting embarassing...