Thursday, September 2, 2010


... I am still in catch up mode from being gone last week from work. I am grateful to have lots of orders to process so no complaints from me. I am eager to get working on some other projects though so I am hoping to be caught up by today.

What else has been going on....
  • Steve celebrated his birthday on Monday.
  • Ellie received her 2nd grade teacher notification in the mail yesterday. She has scored one of the best teachers! Yahoo!
  • I caught Ellie reading on her own two times this week. Melts my heart that she is finally there.
  • Emma has been driving me crazy with all things Justin Bieber.
  • It's still hotter then, well you know what, outside. Where is Fall?
  • I am thoroughly enjoying Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol'. Fantastic reading.
  • I am soooo happy Hurricane Earl will not be bothering us in Richmond.
  • Steve wants to go to the OBX to watch the seas churn and the waves crash. He is a storm chaser at heart
  • Ellie and I head to Chicago at the end of the month for a St Jude speaking engagement with Tony Thomas.
  • We have never been to Chicago and are uber-excited to go
  • Thoughts of meeting Oprah swirl around in my head. (Don't be a dream crusher, I know it won't really happen)
  • I am loving this season of 'Weeds' on Showtime
  • Also loving a new show that follows 'Weeds' called 'The Big C'
  • I am currently designing a new line of T-shirts for Tickle Bellies
  • I am planning a fun weekend with girlfriends in NYC in early November
  • September is Childhood Cancer Awarness Month
  • Please donate to St Jude or Stand up to Cancer which airs this month

That's about all that is running through my mind over the last few days... now back to work!