Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

The girls went back to school today. We were all happy about that (especially mommy). It was time. Ellie has a fabulous teacher that has a great reputation of kindness, fairness and warmth. She has several friends in her class too and we are excited for a wonderful 2nd grade year with lots of learning accomplishments. I saw several kids crying today as I walked Ellie in. Some where little ones in kindergarten or first grade but there were a few older kids too. Ellie has always jumped head first into social scenes and fully embraces school. I am so grateful for her wonderful sense of self.

Emma entered her last year of middle school this morning. I am sure she had many potential suitors boys noticing her today as she continues to mature into a very beautiful young woman. She said the boys all seem to have changed - getting taller and filling out more. This may turn out to be an interesting year. Better stock up on margaritas and extra strength tylenol. I remember having my first 'boyfriend' in 8th grade. So it begins...

We had a fabulous holiday weekend and took a day trip to Shenandoah National Park on Sunday. It was the best weather of the summer by far. Perfect 75 degrees all day long. I wish we had more days like that over the last 3 months but more than anything I am grateful that the cooler air is coming. It was way too hot this summer. It was back into the 90s this afternoon so I guess I will have to practice patience a bit longer. I have a slew of mountain photos for next time. Today I will end with my girls heading back to school. I only have 2 photos of Emma because Steve drove her and a friend and he wouldn't dare take a photo of her at school. I so would.

Ellie's gear
Ellie's backpack and ladybug lunch sack.

Emma with her first day attire. Skinny jeans, Hollister shirt and pretty sandals.

8th grader
See what I mean about the booze and pain killers?

Ready for 2nd grade
Ellie is a vision in purple. Even with her wet hair and shirt.

Ellie and Mrs Edwards
Ellie and one of her biggest advocates, Mrs. Edwards, the principal of her elementary school.