Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Wishes

My sweet baby has turned eight years old. I am finding it hard to believe that my oldest child is almost 14 and my youngest in now 8. Yes it needs to be repeated because you can never ever say it enough... 'Boy they sure grow up fast!'

Ellie has fought hard for the last 2.5 years of her life to continue to have birthdays and I am so privileged to celebrate them with her. She had a great day with family yesterday and in a few weeks she will party with friends when she throws a birthday bash. So proud of you baby. You are healthy, happy and always the brightest spot in my day. Wishing for you all the very best this year. xoxo

8 years old!
Look at the 8 year old smile.

Birthday Girl Ellie
Make a wish!

Grandma Marilyn
Ellie and Grandma Marilyn and our new friend Drift the dog that walks, pants and barks. Oh yes, the cats are beyond thrilled.

Lots of Webkinz hamsters from Grandma. So cute.

The girls and I made chocolate covered marshmellows, pretzels and strawberries. They were so yummy!

Chocolate dipped

chocolate freaks
Just look at these little chocolate vultures.