Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I have been thoroughly enjoying the first 2 weeks of school. I do miss the girls a little bit but man I love the uninterrupted time. I can get so much more accomplished.

I have added new T-shirt designs to Tickle Bellies. I love, love, love these. There are a ton of everyday and Halloween designs over at Tickle Bellies. Designs on onesies too. So cute!

halloween-candycorn bigbro1

This week I have educated myself about growth hormone therapy. Ellie should start getting injections next week. We just need to be checked off on the procedure from a nurse. All of the supplies arrived the other day. I am praying this only has positive side effects and nothing else. There is a scary undertone with growth hormone in the cancer world. Nothing that has medical merit but still it can make you crazy to read it. I am beginning to hate the late effects of cancer treatment. Managing and keeping an eye open for all the endocrine issues that may arise after brain radiation is a game I don't want to play anymore. Ellie is a trooper though as always and takes it all in with a big smile and a positive attitude. Mommy is the one that is being a baby.


My sweet Ellie turns 8 this weekend. Mouth watering treats are on the agenda so we can properly celebrate. Don't these look amazing!? Really, anything dipped in chocolate has got to be good. In early October she is having an American Girl Doll party with her friends. So happy she is here to celebrate another birthday! You know just what it is that I am wishing for when she blows those candles out.


There are a slew of amazing cupcakes just like this one here Prepare yourself before clicking.

The weather was horrid all summer long. It was hot, humid and just plain gross and now that I am able to focus 100% on work - mother nature showers us with absolutely gorgeous days in the 80s. What is wrong with you Mother Nature? Not cool.