Thursday, September 9, 2010

On Mountain Time

Our day trip to Shenandoah National Park was wonderful. The weather was just right. Sunny and between 70-75 degrees. The fresh air, intoxicating campfire smells and crispness did wonders for me. I had my eyes peeled for birds but in early September there isn't too much southern migration going on. I think I was a week or two late.

We did see hundreds of butterflies. Too many varieties to even know what I was looking at. We also did not see any deer on this trip. I am sure if we were still there at dusk we would see plenty but we headed out around 5 pm. When we visited the park in early summer it was like a game of frogger trying to avoid hitting all the deer. I think mid-June is one of the best times to go to see all the birds and wildlife. Definitely going back next year at that time. Steve has promised to take me a little farther west in October to the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. I cannot wait to see beautiful autumn colors.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our day.

Old Rag Mountain
The girls in front of Old Rag mountain. Breathtaking...

monarch butterfly
Newly freed Monarch Butterfly

Well alright then!

From ME to GA
From Maine to Georgia and even into Venezula sometimes

Me and Steve :)
Me and my boy

Emma in Big Meadow Fields

Butterfly that I do not know the name of...
Another winged beauty

my beautiful girls.  :)
My girls - they rock!