Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cancer Free and Feeling Great!

We are back and back with a healthy and cancer free Ellie! It was a busy and emotionally draining week but the end result was a clear scan with no cancer. I am still detoxing and I am so grateful it is the weekend so I can move slowly. I will have a very busy week playing catch up but that is fine by me! Here are some of my favorite photos from Memphis.
Thanks for your Prayers!! :)

St Jude Childrens Research Hospital
No better place for us to have been for cancer treatment. We thank God each day for St. Jude.

Ready for the MRI
Sweet Ellie ready to get sedated for her MRI

Hope with the girls
An evening with the Dooners. We just love our Memphis family

Target House
Enjoying the elephant fountain outside of the Target House. We have such fond memories here.

BELIEVE! We sure do!

Our worst day because of so many needle sticks and IVs. I think 3 veins blew this day. Ellie was undergoing growth hormone testing to see how much her body is making. She broke my heart that day. :(

Our favorite St. Jude doctor - Dr. Bihkazi. Comforting Ellie before she goes to sleep for her MRI

Just another day at St. Jude.

Me and Ellie outside the hospital. See you in 3 months St Jude! Thanks for everything!