Thursday, August 5, 2010

Early Birthday Present

My birthday is this month! Another year older...blah blah blah.... Really, I could care less about my age, I am all about the gifts. Normally I sashay around with Brighton handbags which I have been so in love with for years. I have not been one to partake in the big Vera Bradley craze that has been going on for years even though I sincerly like their handbags. But because they were so very popular all over the country, I opted for something different. It's my pull to go against the norm I guess.

However, I decided this summer that I really wanted a large sized Vera Bradley duffel bag for traveling. My mom was all over it as a birthday present as soon as I mentioned it. I emailed her the patterns I liked and let her pick which one. So when she received it in the mail early, she couldn't wait to give it to me. I told her no that we should wait until it is officially my birthday that I couldn't accept any early presents - OK - who are we kidding, I tore that box open in a New York minute. Inside was the sought after duffel bag... and...and... a large tote bag as well. That was such a surprise added bonus gift. Thank you Mom! I love the pattern she chose too. It is beautiful. Now I cannot wait to go away and use my new duffel bag and tote. Woo Hoo! I love birthday month!

This is the tote bag. It has so many pockets inside and now I will be able to keep all my 'junk' organized while looking pretty.

love, love, love this duffel bag. Cannot wait to use it. I do have a trip coming up too..

This is one of my favorite patterns. It is so me.

Photo courtesy of Ellie Bellie -
Showing off my new tote bag. Thanks Mom!
(ignore the no make-up and ripped up shorts)