Wednesday, August 18, 2010

about us

Thought I would post some randomness tonight and recap what we have been doing lately. I have been super busy with Tickle Bellies orders. Yeah! It's back to school time so that means dozens and dozens of vinyl labels and bag tags going out the door. I am also designing two logos. One for a new diaper vending machine company (interesting, I know) and the other for a non-profit company that will be selling T-shirts in support of kids that have allergies. People have the most intriguing ideas for business and I am so grateful logo design is in their start up costs because sadly most of them just don't make it past the first year or so. (However, they have a super cute logo by yours truly that will last forever) I have also been busy designing new products for Tickle Bellies and this fall I will be introducing T-shirts and iron-on labels to our line. Another exciting thing happening is that I am aligning with a new company in the Netherlands that is very eager to represent our stationery. There is a growing market for personalized goods currently there and we have worked out a great arrangement so I am thrilled to see what unfolds this Fall with all of this. As if that wasn't enough on the work front, I am also redesigning the look of the Tickle Bellies website. I am really excited as I love the layout I have recently designed. I have hired someone to do all the coding so I am just responsible for the graphics. My brain is beyond happy about that. Website construction is just not my favorite thing to do.

The other half (should I have said better half?) is great too. He is coming home from Nashville tonight from a few days in the field. He has been exercising a lot all summer, mostly running. Walking with me and then running a few miles each night on his own. I told him the other day he was 'Manorexic' and to stop slimming down. I think he may have a road race in his future. There is a particular race up north that he has always wanted to run in. I think this is the year. The only other thing that I can think of that is going on with him lately is his hate-hate relationship with the fast growing crabgrass that is in our front lawn. It's really not playing nice this summer. I hate it too.

Emma has been babysitting a lot and is permanently attached to her phone and laptop. I try to paint a picture for her of life growing up in the 80s and how we had no computers or texting and that our phones were attached to cords that were attached to the wall and she just gives me that blank Yellow Labrador look with a tilted head and confused eyes. She is also spending time with friends having sleep overs and movie outings. She is not getting outside enough but in her defense it has been so very hot this summer. Let's see what else... Oh, she has been telling me on a very regular basis how much she loves and I mean loves, Justin Bieber and that he is following her on Twitter... no really... it's officially him. I don't know what to make of that. We are seeing him in concert this November maybe she should make a sign to alert him that she is in the audience. As much as she regularly tells me about her undying love for Justin, she has asked me about 821 times if she can get hair extensions., and she pierced her ears on her own with ice and a needle. These are her second holes and I told her that I did that when I was her age. I guess some things are better left unshared because she thought if I did than she could too. I'll let you know if her ear turns green.

Ellie continues to be wonderful, happy, funny and loving. She has had several playdates and gone to a birthday party over the last week. She continues to get up at 6:30 each morning and take a nap with her cat Phoebe by mid-morning. Phoebe is always by her side and acts more like a dog than a cat. I love their relationship. Ellie has been reading and working on her 2nd grade workbook a lot too. She has greatly improved this summer. She spends time each day playing in our playroom up in the attic, singing with the cats and playing doctor, or restaurant or family. She has a great imagination and her laughter is contagious. She helps me with work by packing things, assembling envelopes and filling the mail bins and just about every day I find a love note left in my office with many "x's and o's" or a beautiful picture.

So that is an update on the four of us. I cannot believe the summer is winding down. I wish we did more fun things but being together and being healthy is really what's important. There never seems to be enough time or money to do all the things I would love to do over the summer months but there is always next summer to plan for. I have already decided that if next summer is as hot as this summer then we are heading to someplace much cooler for July and August. I really felt like I lived in the Sahara with the heat and a South American rain forest with the humidity. I am looking forward to fall weather and I cannot believe there are no photos in this post....