Monday, August 2, 2010

Our new little friend

Last Sunday (7-25) my neighbor called at 11 pm to ask if our cat Dodge was missing. He wasn't. But... she had a little kitten that she was trying to rescue from under another neighbor's enclosed deck and wasn't sure if it was Dodge. She was taking care of our other neighbors dogs when she saw them go after a small cat. They had it pinned until it escaped through the trellis and under the deck. I came over to help. All I could see way in the back on the dirt, in the unreachable corner, were these little ears and a little face that would occasionally pop up to look at us. He was obviously scared to death. There was no physical way to reach this kitten at all. So, to make a long story short, we got out the garden hose and squirted it out. When he finally ran toward us and up against the trellis, I was able to bend back a section of trellis to get to him. I was so afraid to put my ungloved hand in to pick him up though. I have rescued wild kittens before and they are little spitfires with sharp claws and teeth. I wasn't sure if he was wild or not but I had to scoop him up before he ran back the other way. Thankfully, this beautiful boy exhibited none of that bad behavior and just let me pick him right up. He was so grateful to be rescued. Of course I had to take him home. He was about 7 weeks old and very thin with two small puncture wounds on his back legs. When I got him home, Emma woke up Ellie and we gave him a bath and moistened up some cat food for him. He was starving.

We all would have loved to invite him to join our family but with one dog and five cats already, it didn't seem like the best idea. We put out adoption feelers.... and we had a taker! This past Saturday the kitty went to a new home in our neighborhood. He is very lucky and will be well loved and we can visit whenever we want. The girls are sad but they realize we cannot keep every animal that crosses our path. Helping out to save his life was the important part of the story and then finding a good home for him to live in was just as crucial. It was a good lesson for them. Here are some photos of our time with 'Drew' as the girls called him.

Ready to go
So Hollywood - Ellie and her fashionable purse pet get ready to hit the clubs.

What are you looking at...
He is so giving me the hairy eyeball here. He was loving all of us and I like to think he was sad to leave.

Not another one...
A picture speaks a thousand words for sure.
Kanye watches as the new kitty goes under his chair and Phoebe is so over any other cats coming into the mix. He was favoring his back foot here, the one that the dogs punctured. By the time he left for his new home it was all healed.

Ellie and the kitty
Ellie loved this little guy. Emma loved him even more though and was so sad to see him go. Even though 2 twin boys that are in her grade and that she is friends with adopted him so she can visit whenever she wants.

Sweet Boy
Don't you just want to squeeze him... such a sweet boy with lots of happy purrs. Have a happy life (you have 8 more left) and stay away from those dogs.