Monday, October 4, 2010

a visit to the state fair

The girls and I took a quick trip to the Virginia State Fair over the weekend. The weather was just too nice not to go. Much to Ellie's disappointment, we bypassed the rides. I am so leary of traveling rides and those individuals that assemble them. I always think someone forgot to tighten a bolt or run a safety check. That's all I need is to be 8 stories up on the Ferris wheel when our lap bar gives way.

Instead we spent our time enjoying all the livestock and fair food. The animals were great, especially the piggies. There was a momma and about 12 little piggies that were the absoute cutest little balls of pink blobs ever. Sadly, I could not get a decent photo because someone had slipped those piggies some redbulls. They were in hyperactive mode running all over. Sliding, skidding, pig piling on top of one another. We had lots of laughs thanks to those little guys. We also saw a 4 hour old calf. The mother still had some signs of birthing around her and the girls were grossed out, yet mildly intrigued. Oh to live on a farm....