Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday weekend

I think I need a personal assistant. Today was one of those days that felt like there wasn't enough of me to go around and everyone needed something. Glad today is almost over and I can go and snuggle into bed soon.

Lemme see ...lots going on over the last few days -Emma's birthday was Friday, Ellie's birthday party was Sunday, Steve left for Tennessee for work today, I had to leave the comfort of my bubble several times today and run errands (so hate that!), I am super super busy with work stuff, it's bizarre to see my website in another language (Tickle Bellies is going international), the candy corn is taunting me each time I pass by the bowl, I think my camera is on its last legs, the tree frog is back on the front porch and he brought a friend, Monday night TV was great last night, my thumb is still really sore, Ellie has another loose tooth, Ellie and I are getting used to our nightly growth hormone shots, Emma found her earring today that she lost at school on Friday (she cried for 45 minutes over it on Friday - they were new birthday earrings), I had a fabulous carmel hot coccoa today at Starbucks and I made $250.00 today by really doing nothing except placing a large order for blank labels for another company using my distributor...I think that was the highlight of my day...that and the caramel hot chocolate.

Here are photos from over the weekend...

Candy corn is evil

Emma's birthday Cake. It was so yummy.

The 14 year old blows out the candles.

Sephora body wash and shampoo from MaryAnn

Kanye was so over me wanting to play with him when he wanted to sleep.
Payback for 3am bed pounces isn't fun is it sweet boy?!


More scary Halloween in the kitchen

Ellie's 8th birthday party with 7 of her friends. It was a wonderful time!

The girls made their own sundaes. Bellyaches to follow...

The girls also beaded necklaces for themselves and their American Girl dolls.

Happy Birthday Ellie! xxxxoooo