Sunday, October 10, 2010

Now, that's going to leave a mark!

Today Ellie and I drove around to deliver her birthday party invites. We were having fun until I decided to shut the SUV door on my thumb. OK...I really wasn't rationally deciding to do this and I really don't know how it happened...but boy did it hurt. As soon as I released the door, blood started squirting all over and then the pain arrived in all its pulsating glory. The poor dad whose house we were at did not know what to do. No one else was home and I am thinking he doesn't normally take care of any of the 'emergency' stuff when it happens. I was bleeding all over and he gave me a tiny Halloween Dora band aid. It was actually kind of funny and he could not for the life of him, find their first aid stash of supplies. I think I will be dropping off a first aid kit for him later this week. I did leave with ice and lots of paper towels and many apologies on his behalf.

Ellie felt terrible about my injury. She is just so sweet. It really looks worse than it feels and having a black nail for Halloween will be pretty cool. I am going to load up on some Tylenol (20 of them sound pretty good) and go to bed.

Here's a photo of my thumb. Hope it doesn't gross anyone out.