Wednesday, July 6, 2011

rainy wednesday

It's been raining and thundering all afternoon. Which deserves a big woo hoo because one, we need rain badly and two it is now a pleasant (although rainy) 72 degrees. This morning it was close to 90 and humid. I love thunderstorms so long as I don't have any trees falling on my house and it's not in such a close proximity that I have to unplug my office. Printers, computers, laminators - they all have to be unplugged because no one likes a lightning strike.

They other night Steve was away for work and we had a thunderstorm that was pretty close by. The lights went off and on at least three times and I received a call from my neighbor who was stuck across town and needed their dog brought in. I was in my pjs. It was lightning. It was scary but I ran across the street and rescued their poor dog who did not look like he was having much fun. He was glad to be let into the garage. As I ran back, I saw the girls faces pressed into the living room window yelling to hurry up and then KABOOM! the loudest clap of thunder. Ellie hugged me tight when I sprinted thru the door and Emma told me I really should be wearing a bra. Did I not say I had my pajamas on!! So, I do love a storm but only when I can enjoy it from the comfort of my own home.

So the first week of July is almost over. Nothing too exciting happened. Ellie & Steve have been to the pool and over the weekend we all went out to dinner and to see Super 8. It was PG-13 and I thought Ellie could handle it but sadly no. It was too scary. Thankfully, Steve took her out and they snuck into a showing of Cars and Emma and I enjoyed the rest of our scary movie. We also re-subscribed to the cable premium channels (HBO/Showtime/Starz). Steve and I love to watch Weeds & the Big C which are both Showtime shows and they started up again last week. The deal for 3 months was just $45.00 and all the premium channels came with it. We'll cancel it again in September. As well as enjoying Weeds & The Big C, we are watching movies again. Last night the girls and I watched Jaws. The original 1975 movie. Ellie was scared silly about Super 8 but surprisingly, a large man eating shark attacking unsuspecting beach goers does not seem to bother her. We head to Cape Cod on Friday. Hopefully, they will venture into the water while we are there and I will not regret this movie choice.

July 4th was low key. We enjoyed a lazy day at home instead of going to our neighborhood shindig. It was a beautiful day that ended with a thunderstorm. Ellie and I watched the Macy's fireworks from NYC on TV. That was some display. You know when it translates on TV well that it must have been incredible in person. Ellie started her reading program this week and her tutor comes tomorrow for their first session. Fingers crossed she will have improvements by the end of summer. I know she can do it.

Sadly I have no photos to share. I have been working a lot getting ready to shut the studio down for 10 days. I can share some new halloween tote bags that I just listed. They are super cute and are going to sell well.
Puts me in the mood for Halloween! I ♥ them!

Next time I will have plenty of photos to share. Photos from the beautiful shores and sands of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Until then...