Thursday, June 30, 2011

the last day of June...

Isn't that sad? The first month of summer is over. July starts in a few hours.... It always always just goes way too fast. Thankfully we have lots of fun events to look forward to over the next several weeks of summer but that doesn't help me get over that this is June 30th. I turn 42 in August... how is that possible?? Time just keeps on a ticking.... tick tock tick tock
Ending June with photos of my girls and summer flowers. Begrundingly welcoming in July.

Bubble Girl
one of ellie's favorite summer time activities - bubbles!

Flowers on the patio
container plants on the patio. they make me happy

The face
the face of summer :)

Dog days
pant pant pant

me and Emma
me and emma - photo courtesy of ellie