Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trip to Memphis

It's been a busy start to the summer. First, the good news, Ellie had a wonderful check-up at St. Jude. Her scans came back clear. Thank God! I was nervous about this one since it was our first time going for 6 months without an MRI. When you are used to checking on things every three months and then to have to wait twice as long - things become a little unnerving. So, BIG sigh of relief for a good report. Dr. Gajjar feels now that we are heading into year four, we are in a good place. Statistically, the odds are starting to go in her favor for being cured. One more year to go. I know we will always be apprehensive and I don't think I will ever truly let my guard down about cancer recurrence but each day out she gets a little closer to that goal and we breathe a little bit easier.

While at St. Jude we made friends with a new family. The beautiful thing about being a St. Jude family is that you can instantly bond and connect with another cancer family because they truly understand and relate to what you have gone through or will go through. No words need to be spoken. Sharing Ellie's story is something I have promised God I would do and it is such an honor to have her testimony in our lives. I know Ellie's journey made an impact on them and hopefully encouraged them as well. I hope I continue to have many opportunities to talk about everything we have witnessed and experienced in the last 3 years.

During our visit Ellie finished up some loose strings with the Sterling Jeweler campaign. She needed to redo some video footage that was corrupt from our last visit. I cannot wait to see the final edited piece because there were so many starts and stops to this process that sometimes it is hard to imagine what the end result will be. I am sure it will be wonderful and we will cry and hopefully laugh too. Of course we got to see Dr. B on this visit. We both look so forward to that part of the trip. He does a great job of keeping me focused and keeping my faith strong for a positive outcome while Ellie goes to sleep and the scans probe the depths of her brain looking for changes. I know she is in the best hands possible while this takes place and I take great comfort knowing he is watching over her while she sleeps. He is getting ready to retire in the next year and that makes us sad but we know he will always be a part of our lives. We actually enjoyed some out of the hospital time with him and his wife and daughter this time. Ellie fell in love with his daughter as she is just as warm and compassionate as her dad. Whoever takes over this position will have HUGE, GINORMOUS shoes to fill. HUGE...did I say HUGE?

Here are some photos from our trip. We won't be back until December. That sounds light years away doesn't it! Time to enjoy the summer!!

Dr. B
Ellie and Dr. B before sedation and her MRI.

Blowing Kisses

she's just the cutest kid ever...

Bracelet making
Video shoot in the craft room

Crafting away
More video for the 'B' roll footage.

Video shoot
The St Jude & Sterling staff

Getting in some IPad time while we wait in endocrinology.
And...we had a great report from endo too!! Yahoo!

Ellie's photo
I love when I see photos of Ellie in the hospital. This one was down in behavorial medicine