Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catching Up

Wow...where has the time gone? Summer goes by way too quickly, it always does. Routines are off, days are lazier and my pace slows way down. Sleeping in an extra hour and staying up late at night. Going to the pool and enjoying margaritas and hanging out with the girls; I love it. The girls love it too (except for the margarita part). I wish it wasn't August in a few days.

As I mentioned last time, we headed north to Cape Cod for 9 days on July 8th. The girls and I along with Grandma Marilyn had a long, rainy and slooow drive on Friday to Connecticut. We had many laughs on the near 11 hour drive but I sure was so beyond glad to pull into the hotel parking lot and do a face flop onto my bed. Steve was already there waiting for us to arrive.

It was wonderful to have just a short 3 hour drive the next day onto the Cape. We rented a house in Brewster Mass which is part of the lower Cape. It is such a quaint New England town. Charm oozing from every corner and flower box. (which were everywhere) Hydranges, roses & daisies cascade over white picket fences which surround homes that are weathered and inviting. I fell hard and fast.

The house was very nice with lots of personality - it was open and had great light. There were lots of knick-knacky things here and there but it was done tastefully and above all else, the house was comfortable and spacious for the 5 of us. The bathrooms were on the small side and they seemed to have some plumbing issues. We didn't experience any during our stay but signs on the mirrors made it clear that when you had 'AN EVENT' you should flush midway through. Really? I guess we all followed directions carefully because there were no 'issues'. The sign provided us with laughs and running jokes throughout our stay. Really priceless. There also was an outdoor shower that got lots of use from all our company and from Steve too. The grounds were beautiful. Lots of big hydrangea bushes and bird feeders. You know I love the birds! It was really just perfect. oh...and we were just a 5 minute walk to the beach. Would have been really great to have been ON the beach but around the corner is good too.

Instead of boring you with all the details, I will let some of my favorite photos do the talking. It was a great family trip and I was so happy to have my mom with us. The girls just adore their grandmother. She has come full circle because when I was little she would take us up to the Cape and she has so many fond memories so it was nice to be able to take her this time. So, it was a great trip and it hurt to come back home to reality and to 100 degree weather but we will be back again soon. A little piece of my heart is there.

This is Cape Cod
this is my favorite photo. just beautifully sums up what cape cod is about to me.

my favorite photo of ellie. she just melts my heart.

headed to crosby beach in brewster/orleans

Family Shot

Grandma loving the beach
my mom was so happy to be at the beach. so glad she could come back to the cape again. love the happiness in her eyes.

Ms Ellie
ellie playing in the sand at saints landing beach

The last sunset on the cape
beautiful sunsets over the bay

Me & My mom
my favorite photo of me and my mom
she looks great in this photo

Summertime Fun
random boy chasing seagulls photo but it is such an iconic image - i love it.

enjoying the relaxation part of vacation. the house was a great place to hang out.

Super model Emma
gorgeous emma on the beach

Chatham Beach
enjoying chatham beach. there were dozens of harbor seals behind us on a sand bar

So funny
this is classic. we were in provincetown after the sunset and my mom so wanted to make it to the beach to put her feet in the water. this is one of her favorite places ever so we took a nice photo and then {crash} the waves slammed in. all our faces are priceless and the story about getting to the water is even better.

Oyster Beds
oyster beds at low tide

pinch pinch
caught a crab. pinch pinch

Steve & Emma
steve and emmy. they look so much alike.

house along main street in chatham. love it.

view from the mudflats

some of my bffs came for a night with their kids. lots of laughs...way too many.

Life on the bay
life is good on the bay.

Another pretty sunset
final sunset. cannot wait to return...soon