Saturday, January 22, 2011

winter pick me up

I made a plant arrangement this week to fight the winter blahs. I actually do not mind winter for the most part. I like the snow and colder temperatures but here in Virginia we don't have as much as I did when I was growing up so I guess that is why I can tolerate it a bit more. My friends up north have totally had it with winter. They are so beyond done and there is more snow on tap mid-week for them. My girlfriend who lives outside Boston said that over 20 inches was expected this week. Really? She did happen to be skyping with me and had a few cocktails so I am not so sure about that total. Maybe they should go out and make some planters. That is if they can get out. {Insert evil grin here.}

When I was shopping at Target a few weeks ago they had galvenized buckets for $2.00. I love these buckets and you never know when you're gonna need one so of course it found its way into my cart. Last week, more shopping, but this time to the plant nursery because Emma needed 3 plants for her science fair project. (control subjects) while there I was enjoying their plant displays. All sorts of great arrangements. The price tag was not so great though. $35.00-45.00. So I purchased six $1.99 plants and decided the new galvenized bucket was the perfect home for these beauties. So for less than $15.00 I have a new planter in a hot pink tub to marvel at on drab winter days. See, the perfect winter pick me up and just think of all the new oxygen that
we will be breathing in.

lots of different plant varieties in here. Can't wait to watch them fill out.