Monday, January 17, 2011

I think I have ADD

It seems I have no time lately because I am so busy but I also don't seem to be accomplishing all that much. I may be getting mid-life Attention Defecit. Please tell me where my focus has gone? I find myself getting absorbed into the world of Facebook way too much. It's such a black hole to get sucked into and I think I need an intervention. There is also a new game (on Facebook, where else) called Zuma Blitz that I am addicted to. You play against your Facebook friends and you know of course I want to beat everyone. It's a challening game to play too and it has basically been taunting me like a mean spirited little kid to keep playing and to get better and have the highest score. I easily lose an hour to two hours of my life without even realizing it. Yes, time for a Facebook intervention.

The other part of the problem is not being on schedule lately. The girls started back to school in early January but then Mother Nature decided to send some snow and ice our way so we had school closings and delays. I like a snow day just as much as anyone. But I only like one. Two in a row starts to make me cranky. Also, while said inclement weather was happening, Steve was in Nashville for work for 4 days. I have to give my husband props for all he does on the family level. He has no problem making dinner or carpooling or doing laundry or anything like that. We are a pretty good team when it comes to household chores and responsibilies so when he is gone, I really feel it. There is so much more for me to do. So I am hoping, with fingers crossed, that after today's MLK holiday, the girls will be back in school with no interruptions from here on out. I will try to ignore Facebook and focus on work and other meaningful activities and actually accomplish things. Now that sounds like a plan! Now if only I could get those Zuma Blitz drumbeats out of my ears that are constantly calling to me to play just one more game...