Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It's another snowy day! It is really quite nice and I am enjoying working in my office and watching the big fat flakes glide on down. We have about 3 inches already. The kids had only one school day this week (a result of last Friday's snowstorm). I have a feeling next week may be a repeat of this week. Ellie and I will be at St. Jude (hopefully) on Monday so she would be missing school anyway. I say hopefully because one - I hope the roads are clear and the airport is open and two - Ellie went to her doctor this morning because she has had a cough the last few days. There's a little wheezing in her lungs so she is now on an antibiotic and some other medicine to help open up and dry up her lungs. If she isn't better by Wednesday, they will not sedate her for her MRI. This is a 5 day round of antibiotics so she should be all better by Tuesday. Her doctor and I were talking about how grateful we are that Ellie never got sick during chemo when she had zero immune system. That was such a blessing. So now, she is making up for it this winter. This is her third little cold.

Snow view

This is the view from my desk chair... you cannot see the snow too well but trust me there are hugely ginormous fat flakes falling from the sky. Ellie is playing on the PC on the other side of my office. Steve is upstairs working and Emma is hanging out in the family room on her PC. The fire is on and we are all safe and sound and enjoying the beauty of the day. Love days like today.♥