Saturday, February 20, 2010

The not so Home and Garden Show

Yesterday, Steve and I headed downtown to the Maymont home and garden show. I was so looking forward to being inspired and seeing some fabulous displays that would get the creative garden juices flowing for this spring. I wanted to see water ponds, decorative stone art, plants for sale - all of that wonderful stuff... unfortunately....that wasn't the case. I was disappointed to see only a handful of walk through displays by local nurseries and landscapers. There were hardly any flower displays and only one guy selling over priced garden sculptures. There were however, many demonstration type booths for cleaning your hardwood floors, juicing up vitamins and the power of oxyclean. Not exactly what we were looking for. We did buy some soup and took a few ideas away from some landscaping booths but I wasn't feeling too inspired.

We did get to see a built in fire pit that we liked. We would love to do this on our patio.


There were a few spring bulb plantings around... it was good to see some color after our long winter.

After 45 minutes at the show and seeing everything we wanted, we decided to walk a few blocks to have lunch at Penny Lane Pub. It was the highlight of our day. It's a wonderful true English pub with great personality and flair. Great food and drink by a roaring fire. We absolutely loved it.

The lunch specials are available for viewing inside the phone booth

Some yummy Irish beer. I had the lighter one that was really good and now I cannot recall the name of it...

My lunch - authentic Shepherds Pie. Yum!