Thursday, February 4, 2010

Country Cares

Finally! School reopened today after our Saturday snowstorm. They certainly are lacking in snow removal techniques (ie- plows) in central Virginia. Ellie stayed home today though because she has a cold. Lots of coughing and a runny nose. Nothing major but we head to St. Jude for scans on Monday so I want to make sure this cold leaves her before then. If she is not feeling well or has a fever she will not be able to be sedated for her MRI. So she is resting today and watching Princess movies. We have another snowstorm headed here tomorrow but it's still kind of up in the air over how much snow/rain/sleet we will get. Our area seems to be on the line. As long as we can get out and to the airport on Monday, I don't care how much snow we have or don't have.

I have a brand new toy for my camera. I bought a speed light (big external flash) for indoor shots. I have wanted one for a while and saw one on Ebay that was brand new at a really good price. I haven't used it yet but I hope to have some good results. Woo Hoo!


This week we were guests at K95 Radio in Richmond (FM-95.5). This is our local country station and they are part of 'Country Cares' which is a radiothon for St. Jude. I phoned in last year and told our story but this year they wanted to pre-tape an interview that they can replay throughout the radiothon which runs all day on 2-11 & 2-12. Ellie is working the mic below in the main DJ booth. She didn't touch any buttons while she sat there. I would have been too tempted.

K95.5 Richmond

These radiothons are all over the country so stay tuned for when your local station has theirs. Please consider donating to St. Jude if you can. They need the funds to keep the doors open and to keep saving the lives of kids like Ellie.