Friday, May 20, 2011

garden tour

The Spring weather has been wonderful the last few days. Thought I would share what my gardens look like in mid-May. My back garden is forever a work in progress. I don't know if it will ever get to the place I have imagined in my mind. I need more sun back there and more money too (plants are expensive!!) but it is a peaceful oasis for me and it brings me great happiness - so we (the garden and I) grow together and find what works for us and what doesn't and we keep nurturing and maturing and looking better. There is truly nothing better than a warm summer day relaxing with a drink, watching the birds and butterflies enjoy my little beautiful patch of happy....oh, add in my girls blowing some bubbles on the back porch & I am complete! Oh... and add in Steve sitting by my side and now it's complete... oh and add in ... :)

Front Garden
The little garden in the front. Growing out of control.
Yarrow, Tall Phlox, Sage and Lamb's Ear think they run the place.

Columbine that I cannot remember planting. Anyhoo - It is huge and I love it. It's ready to start reseeding and I need to get those seeds in back for next season.

Mr. Frog
I love this little frog that sits in the front garden. He gets pushed out and covered up by June but I just find him a new spot to stand guard at.

Front Garden
Front Garden

Tucker is always with me in the garden. Always following me around with his ball - just hoping I will give it a toss.

Something new in the garden this spring. I found this colorful owl stepping stone last fall for $5.00 on clearance. I love owls.

Clematis climbing up the light post.

Back Garden
View of the back garden from the driveway.

Cat Mint
Catmint. Love love love it!

Front part of this garden. Lots of reseeded beard tonuge in here. May be too many colors but I like it.

Patio View
A view of the patio. Definitely needs a table or firepit. It's a wonderful place to sit and take in the backyard, birds and garden.

Container of Zinnia (some need to be dead headed yikes)

Pretty Planter
Container planting on the deck.

Welcome! Come on over!