Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Happenings

Ellie has a sinus infection. She has been sniffling, coughing and draining for two days now. I know the 'draining' part sounds so gross doesn't it? For some odd reason on the first day of this cold, her eyes were red, crusty and goopy. I thought for sure it was pink eye. But no, turns out it is a sinus infection that just kind of exited through her eyes. She is on antibiotics now so health improvements are around the bend.

I have been working on more new designs for Tickle Bellies. Knocked out a new theme of notepads last night and listed several melamine platter designs. I am so loving the platters. I also have 20 aluminum water bottles ready to head out today that I just got back from production. These bottles are just too frickin' cute. Really jazzed to be offering them. On April 21st Groupon.com (you know the social media site that has 6 millions subscribers - yeah, that one!) will be featuring Tickle Bellies. Unfortunately the feature is not for all 6 million subscribers (can you imagine!) but for the Richmond/Roanoke arm of Groupon. Fingers crossed we will sell some vouchers. This isn't my first go round with marketing via social couponing, I have worked with a great company called Jasmere twice before and the experience was really wonderful. Groupon is waaaaay bigger so we shall see what the response is. I always get nervous and think I am just going to sell one or two. I would be mortified if that happened. In any regard, I am trying to stock up the site nice and pretty in anticipation.

Steve has been up to some manual labor as well. Spring cleaning our screened-in porch. It has been over 5 years that we have had our porch and all the lattice and trim needed to come down and get cleaned and repainted. He is finishing it up this week and so far it looks fabulous. Love when things look pretty. The inside of the porch is next on the agenda. It's truly my favorite room in the spring time...that is once the pollen goes away.

Saturday night we had date night with our friends Debbie and Tom. I so love that Emma can babysit Ellie so we can sneak away for a few hours and recharge. We had a lovely time but came home to a goopy, sniffling Ellie. We are hoping to sneak away to Chincoteague Island in early May for an overnight. That calls for the big guns though and a visit from Grandma to hold the fort down. She is always happy to stay with her girls.

Next week is our Spring Break from school. They always have it coincide with Easter so it is really late this year. I so would love to fly to Sanibel Island in Florida for a few days but it's just not going to happen. However, I think we will definitely enjoy a day trip or two. Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is top on the list or perhaps a trip up to the mountains or just maybe I will spend our spring break budget on perennials for the garden. hmmm.... Speaking of the garden and spring- I have to share that both of our nest boxes are being occupied this season. AND... it is our first year with a nesting Titmouse. We usually have a nesting Chickadee family or Bluebirds. This year we have a box full of Carolina Chickadee eggs and one filled with Tufted Titmouse eggs. I also see the Robin busily collecting straw so I am hoping she is nearby with her nest. Cannot wait to see the babies!

OK... time to get back to the grind of working on new products and helping little hands blow their nose and dreaming of being beach bound for spring break.

6 Chickadee Eggs
Aren't these eggs beautiful! She is actively sitting on them now so it won't be too long until I have to get the meal worms out for feedings.

titmouse Eggs
the tufted titmouse nest was harder to see (the box is higher) but there are 6 eggs lining the nest. She too is incubating them. Love springtime babies!