Friday, April 8, 2011

busy girl

I have been in blog neglect the last several days. I have just been I guess. I have been working on a lot of new products for Tickle Bellies and when I get into design mode I have no patience or time to do much of anything else. Then I have to load it all on the site and before I know it 4 days of my life is gone. Last week I had a March Madness sale at Tickle Bellies and it was very successful and I am still getting orders out from that one day.

Also, Steve was in Nashville for a few days so I had many more 'things' to do than normal. I like being busy with life but it's hard to fit it all in. We have gone to field hockey practice, tennis practice, nature walks, trip to DC, cheered on VCU in the basketball tournament, went to a morning showing of 'Born to Be Wild' (super cute), worked on posters for the PTA carnival, watched Bravo and American Idol, watched a movie with Emma, took a trip to the Apple store, took walks with Steve, took care of our neighbor's dog, did homework with Ellie, made cookies, online shopped with Emma, spring cleaned the upstairs, administered daily hormone shots, removed 2 ticks. spotted the first hummingbird of the season and a zillion other things I cannot remember.

I did happen to have my camera on hand so here are some shots from the past few days.

I enjoyed a lovely pedicure

I watched Ellie play tennis.

All of us
Emma dog sat our little neighbor Macy

I enjoyed a new birding spot along the James River in Richmond

It was a very cool area to explore.

We are in the Easter spirit and filled our cookie jar with jellybeans.
No Cadbury Minis this year. They are the death of me.

This little guy watched me in the garden one afternoon from across the creek.

There are now 3 chickadee eggs in the nest box.

took a trip to DC for her new hair which we are so loving
(isn't she just beautiful)

my favorite new plate design for Tickle Bellies

new waterbottle designs at Tickle Bellies

...and new dry erase boards for kids! Lots of great new items!