Thursday, November 11, 2010

Website Work

I am finally getting around to updating the look of Tickle Bellies. I have wanted to steamline the look for several months and have just been too busy to complete it. It's not necessarily hard to do just really time consuming. Well, I realized today that it will never get finished if I use the excuse that I am too busy because truth be told, I am always busy, so I decided today was the day to get it done. I started the transfer and incorporating the new look to all the current pages this afternoon. I had to take a break to bring Ellie to Brownies but I am now back to work and (fingers crossed) it will be finished tonight. Steve made some wonderful smelling (and tasting) pumpkin bread to keep me fueled for the long night ahead. If you could only smell the heavenly scent in the house right now. Yum....

Here is a sneak peek...simple and streamlined design.