Monday, November 15, 2010

Justin Bieber

Finally, after months of anticipation, the night finally arrived for the Justin Bieber concert. Emma is 14 and she is obsessed with Justin Bieber. She had been waiting all summer & fall to go to this concert and the day had finally arrived. (I thought she may pass out at some point.) Emma brought her friend Jordan with us to the concert and Ellie made the cutest little sign that afternoon to bring with us.

Ellie's banner
Isn't that just precious!

When we got up to the front to have our bags checked we were told that no signs could be brought in. Poor Ellie was heartbroken but she realized when she saw the trash can full of "I love Justin Bieber" signs that everyone had to relinquish their posters. I actually had a bummer moment too at that check point. Seems my camera is too professional to bring in. Really? So we decided to go back to the car and stow away Ellie's sign and my camera. I probably could have gone to a different check point and smuggled in my camera because it was in my backpack in the way back part that usually goes unnoticed. We just happened to be in 'Mr. overly thorough pants' line. I just thought I would play it safe though and not bother so back in the car it went.

We purchased our tickets in June. It was a very long wait for the girls.

Ready to go see the concert
Outside the arena waiting to go in.

We ended up with great seats. 9 rows from the stage. Emma and her friend were across the aisle from Ellie and I so it was like they were almost on their own. I am sure they were thrilled about that. Ellie was very excited. Screaming and smiling and dancing like crazy. Everyone around us enjoyed her and her enthusiasm. Many of the young girls seated near us were clutching their chests and crying. No really, they were crying. Ellie was like - 'what's wrong with them?' They are teenage girls ,I told her, and this is their big crush.

The concert was really pretty good. I did loose some hearing from all the high pitched screaming but other than that it was quite entertaining. There were 4 acts total with one being Sean Kingston. He is the Jamacian teenager that has a slew of top 40 hits. Don't tell Emma but I liked him best. It was a night the girls soon won't forget. They all thought it was one of the best nights of their life. So glad to be there for it. Thanks Justin Bieber for making them happy!

Here is a video from someone at the concert of the last song, just in case, you know, you wanted to have the experience. I think I can hear Ellie screaming at one point. Put your volume up 27 times the normal volume and that's how loud it was. Oh to be young again!