Monday, December 14, 2009

I ♥ Faces 'Pets Only'

Here is my contribution to the Pets only themed week at I ♥ Faces. It was a tough decision because we have so many pets and they are all so adorable but I chose a photo of Phoebe and Ellie. Phoebe is Ellie's best friend. She sleeps with her (on her) each night and is always aware of where ever Ellie is. She came to Memphis with us to cheer Ellie up during treatment and she has provided much TLC and healing. Phoebe was found with her sister Edie in our woods back in 2004. She and Edie are tons of fun literally as they both tip the scales at 15+ pounds. That's a lot of cat to have sleeping on you but Ellie doesn't mind

This photo was taken this past Spring on one of Phoebe's rare outside outings. This photo demonstrates their bond of friendship.