Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hello! I have had a super full schedule the last few weeks with school and work and unfortunately blogging has taken a back seat. That bums me out so I am going to try to post more often. I suppose I should start with is September 11th. A tragic day for all Americans. Because we are at the ten year anniversary, there have been many documentaries and specials on TV highlighting different aspects of this day. I have been engrossed, watching many of them. New footage, untold stories, heartbreaking sadness. Definitely an emotional time. Praying this never happens again and learning from this day and being reminded yet again, how precious life is.

One special documented the actions of two selfless heroes From Tower 2 that helped save dozens and dozens of lives while ultimately sacrificing their own. Another show followed the children of 9-11 who were all born fatherless soon after 9-11-01. It was so heart warming to see the photos of the children now at age 10 next to a photo of their father. The resemblances were amazing. Cannot imagine what they have had to endure and it is heartbreaking. I watched a show about Al-Qaeda and how much hate Bin Laden had for us and how that hate just grew and grew and traveled from person to person in that organization over the years. Scary to have that much anger and evil feelings for something or someone.

This morning I watched the tribute at Ground Zero. The huge water fountains where the towers stood are beautiful. I hope to visit on our next trip to the city. After that, I watched the movie about United Flight 93. Can you imagine knowing you were going to die in a plane crash and having to call those you loved to say goodbye. I always say I am ready for Jesus to return and be done with this life but that actual moment -it must be so intense. ABC news had footage with this Beyonce song and the song really moved me. It not only reminds me of all of the people lost on 9-11 but of all the children {and adults too} that have died from cancer. Gives me chills. Amazing lyrics and truly all anyone wants to know is that their life mattered in some way. That they were here.

Since I promised to be better about blogging... this week I will have the girls photos from back to school as well as sharing about an opportunity to see President Obama. How exciting!