Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the dog days are over

Well, hello August… second week of August at that! Heading into the final days of summer and I am getting a little excited for Fall and back to school time. It’s been a good summer, albeit a super hot one. I wonder when all is said and done if this summer will be hotter than last summer. I think it will be a tie. Last summer was a major scorcher too. Yeah, I am thinking that maybe it was a little hotter last summer. I am ready for the high 90's to be replaced with the mid 80's. Oh, and a breeze, I would like to put my order in for a nice breeze.

I have been in major work mode this summer. Lots of orders and designing and adding of new products – I am so grateful for this company and what I have created. Makes me happy and grateful. So… lots of work has been happening around here. This has left little time for nature walks and photography sessions. I miss that but I know come the fall and the cooler weather, I will be back out on the trail, camera in hand. We head to Hilton Head soon and I will of course be taking tons of photos but I am also really looking forward to just relaxing. On a chair by the pool. With a drink in my hand. Or on a blanket. With sand between my toes. And a drink in my hand. Oh and a spa day. That sounds like heaven. I'm relaxed just thinking about it.

Oh…. have to share, Emma made the high school field hockey team. So proud of her and that she is starting off her freshman year on the right track. It’s not easy getting up at 6am for practice while on summer break. So my hat is off to you Emma… you did it! Ellie is also making great strides with her reading. Her tutor has been great and she is doing well. She has been reading a lot more on her own. Her accomplishments also make me very proud. Yep, one proud mamma sitting right here.

As I mentioned not too many opportunities to take photos lately but I do have a few....

emma before heading out to practice

bumble bee in the front garden

me and ellie and matt dinardo on set for our st jude interview

lots of orders for back to school ready to head out

red-bellied woodpecker on the feeder

the girls playing air hockey