Friday, December 17, 2010

Almost Finished...

I am nearing the light at the end of the work tunnel. Finally!! Oi Vhey, I am getting too old to work these many hours. My yearly cold decided that last week would be a fabulous time to visit too and I have been suffering through with some painful sinuses over the last few days. I can deal with that for the most part - cannot deal with the lovely cold sores that sprung up because of the virus. So with my scary looking thumb (the nail came off this week so I have half of a flesh thumb at the top because the nail hasn't grown that far yet) and my oh so pretty mouth sores, I am looking like something more Halloweenish than Christmasy. Stress, the gift that keeps on giving. But all the major stresses are behind me now. First and foremost, clean, clear and cancer free scans for Ellie, work orders are almost done and my yearly cold has pretty much come and gone. It has to be smooth sailing into 2011. I'm ready.

Next week the girls have off (and the past two days due to snow) and we have some craft days lined up, pedicures, going to see Tangled and some baking. Lots to look forward to... Yeah for normal hours and having a life again!

A days worth of orders in early December.
We were doing about 35 teacher notepads a day.

We sold a ton of melamine plates this season. They are so cute!